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Please help with inelastic equations question!?

Two blocks are on a horizontal, frictionless surface. Block A is moving with an initial velocity of v0 toward block B, which is stationary, as shown above. The two blocks collide, stick together, and move off with a velocity of v0/3. Which block, if either, has the greater mass? 

A. Block A B. Block B C. Neither; their masses are the same D. The answer can not be determined without knowing the mass of one of the blocks. Justify your answer.Please help me solve this problem. I am a bit confused.

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    Common sense suggests that if the resulting velocity is less than v0/2 then B is more massive.

    You were taught the conservation of momentum?

    (m_A)(v0) + 0 = (m_A + m_B)(v0/3)

    m_B = 2 m_A

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