How do Cruise Ships contact the US Navy for help? ?

Hi guys, I am wondering how do Cruise Ships contact for help just in case if they ever get hijacked by pirates and how do they call in the US Navy or Coast Guard. What should Cruise Ship employees or Ocean Liner workers do to call in the Military for help? Let’s just say this 'We are carrying passengers from Florida to the Bahamas on a Cruise Ship or an Ocean Liner and there are over several armed pirates on fast small boats and they are equipped with AK-47 assault rifles, pistols, grenades, knifes and bombs and they are boarding the ship illegally, threatening the safety of passengers, the captain and crew members'. How would Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners be able to call in the Military? How can Cruise Ships get in contact with US Navy ships if there are armed pirates onboard the vessel? How would the US Navy or Coast Guard respond to the pirate hijacking of a Cruise Ship or Ocean Liner? 

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  • 1 month ago
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    They can use this thing called a Radio and in many cases their satellite telephone..

    If nearby they can use signal flags and flares.

    ANY SHIP be it a cruise ship or cargo ship can contact others for help.

    US NAVY is not the only assistance available on the high seas.

    The INDEPENDENT countries nearby also have military forces that can assist.

    WHY WHY do YOU need the details of security procedures?

    Cruise ships have been attacked in some places of the world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah, because the Bahamas is a hot bed for pirates

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  • 1 month ago

    Ships are required to have a radio room. The radio is to be "manned" 24 hours a day seven days a week when underway. So the ship broadcasts on the international radio waves that it is "in distress" and gives a report of the circumstances. The actual transmission would include the ships name and last charted location as well as direction and speed of the charted course as well as the nature of the threat or emergency. The message would be on the shipping frequency and any ships in the area are supposed to render assistance if possible.

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  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    They have phones.

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