my timesheet got rejected and I have no idea why? so now i'm not getting paid. what do I do?

ok so I previously had problems with my coworkers and always tried to rush me so i report it to the boss and after that she acted different towards me like she doesnt like me anymore so i tried to resgin and she knew about it so then she gave me more hours and I stayed so i normally get 40 hours every two weeks so now i get 60 so friday i submitted my timesheet then today I got an email saying it got rejected and it doesn't say why so what should I do??

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  • 1 month ago

    Labor laws require your employer to pay you for all hours worked and 1 1/2 times for hours over 40 in a week. If your employer is not doing this you have a case against them.

    • Hannah
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      1 month agoReport

      Overtime laws vary by state and job type.  Some companies in certain states pay OT if employee works 40+ hours per full week in one single pay period. Other companies pay OT by employees working 8+ hours in a single day.

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