How to change your IP address for better ping?

As of right now my current internet gets 500m/s ping time. Which is beyond terrible!

However when I run a speed test online, the IP address that it is pinging my network to is 2m/s ping time. 

Is there a way I can switch my internet to run off that server rather than it’s current one?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Ping is the time it takes a packet to go from your computer through the internet to a server somewhere on the internet and back.   The time shows you how close the server is and if it is busy.  2 ms is probably something close to you at your ISP.  500 ms is a swamped server, possibly some distance from you.

    Before you decide you have a ping problem, ping a number of sites and get a pattern.  Changing your IP address, do able but often hard, won't change your ping performance as all the wires are the same.

    If you do have a pattern of long ping times, first, replace any cable you are using, then call your ISP if the problem persist.One way to ping different servers is from the command line.Windows key R.  Type CMD then return

    Type ping



    do others too.

    Etc.  You can also look for problems by adding the -T switch.  It makes it so that you have to end the ping command with control C.  It pings once per second.  If you have long ping times with bouts of normal ones, then you have a problem that most likely is at your ISP or something only they can solve.  The ISP will also have a record of packet failures.  The -t switch is great for intermittent problems.Eons ago, I called them and they were able to show me an error rate that increased over 4 days.  They solved it by replacing a bad wire.  We took a knife to the bad wire.  They look normal.

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    • David E
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      Unplug your modem.  At least one hour and often a day later, plug it back in.  Your old IP address needs to expire (default, 3600 seconds), then someone else has to start their modem. Then you get a new address.

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  • 1 month ago

    you were pinging one server (likely on the other side of the world) 

    your speed test is to a DIFFERENT server much closer (likely in your town)

    each and every server will have different ping times and different connection speeds.

    this is a fact of the internet and nothing can change that...

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  • 1 month ago

    A "ping test" is from your computer to some other computer somewhere else in the world.

    It could be at your service providers equipment a short distance away, or the other side of the world via many intermediate connections.

    Think of it a bit like a letter going somewhere and returning. It could be next door, or it could be another continent via many sorting offices trucks, planes.

    A speed test check your connection to your service provider or another nearby server - like you to your local post office.

    A real-word connection will be somewhere beyond there, elsewhere in your country or some other place in the world. 

    That simply takes longer!

    Try opening a command prompt then manually pinging different major sites to see what times you get.


    I get 16mS for all those except yahoo, which is154mS.


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