How do I keep myself from being racist towards others when I don't want to? the racist thoughts are new for me. I used to tolerate others.?

I grew up in multicultural toronto and always thought that racism was a bad thing and that we should give everyone a achance. But now there's so many people from the middle east and asian coming to my country and I can barely understand what they're saying their accents are so thick. How do I stop being racist?

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  • 1 month ago

    It requires a little re-thinking on your part.

    If you are willing, you could begin by realizing that Canada is not YOUR country any more than it is theirs.  You may have been born there, true.  But your family line goes straight back to Europe.  You're as much a foreign transplant as they are - they simply haven't yet had the opportunity to produce as many generations in Canada as your ancestors have done.  Just being descended from the second wave of invaders doesn't really distinguish you from those in the sixth or seventh wave.

    It will also help you to realize the weird accents and tastes and habits are actually elements of CULTURE, not "race"...and if you're the traveling sort, you would find one of the most interesting things about visiting an exotic destination is the different culture that you find there.  Travel is, in fact, mostly enjoyable BECAUSE it lets us discover culture and history that we were unaware of.  So, in a sense, the arrival of these new families in Toronto is giving you the equivalent of a steamship or airplane voyage, right in your own backyard.  Plus it adds to the fun and adventure of multicultural Toronto.  You don't have to be content with everyone around you looking and sounding the same, and all the restaurants having the same menu and music.

    As for the annoying communication problem, you will find it easier to deal with, without thinking "race", if you realize that language is a window into a culture and a history.  And also imagine how daunting and difficult it would be to drive a taxi or run a small shop if YOU tried to do it in Arabic or Hindi.  So these people are actually being quite brave, trying to make their limited English work in that frozen wasteland you call home.  Frozen or not, they have chosen it because they want their family to prosper and they calculate that Toronto is full of the best-possible future neighbors and fellow-citizens.  Give them a bit of credit.

    Their culture is different and it requires a bit of effort to deal with those differences, but it's easier if you don't allow the notion of "race" to enter in.  It detracts from your abilities, rather than expanding them.

    Best of luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have no clue when i am even being racist and how do you because did you say hi and get called it by a woman or their is so many feared ways we don't know so just go with it.

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