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I have been building up walls ever since I was a kid growing up to protect myself from getting hurt emotionally and I am trying so hard to all my therapist to see the real me. I have been honest with her. I feel like if I cry in therapy she is going to see me as weak but would I be opening up a path to see the real me or am I still hiding ? 

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    It can take a long time to trust a therapist enough to truly open up. It's hard to do. It takes courage, and crying takes courage. We don't want the pain of thinking about what hurts, the pain of embarrassment, the pain of the fear that will still won't be understood, but that kind of pain is often on the path to recovery. Do the best you can, but she probably already sees the real you and is just waiting for that person to step forward.

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    If you cry in therapy she's going to see you as a feeling normal human being. Psych docs aren't there to judge us, they are in that job to help others because they care about your mental well-being. If they didn't they could have gone into another field of work.

    Your therapist is also there to be a SUPPORT person for you as well as giving you things to work on during the process with her. it's up to YOU to do the work it takes to start getting better. She doesn't have a magic wand, but she will help you find direction and again give you work to do in order to make improvements. You just have to make the effort.

    it all works when we WORK IT

    take care

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    More drama seeking pity me crap.   Grow up and at least learn to see a professional is you really have a problem.   Not one person here has ever been helped by posting about legitimate mental problems here.

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