Why would my friend be acting like this?

I’ve been friends with this girl since freshman yr and ever since we’ve always been good friends. We’re both seniors now. But this yr things started going downhill. It seems like ever since my ex broke up with me earlier in the school yr she’s been acting very differently. She’s also friends with this junior girl, and they’re very close friends. She tried to get me and her other friend to be friends, but it didn’t work out. One reason being that the other girl used to be rude to me and used to flirt with my ex during our relationship. So I completely stopped trying to be friends with her and ignored her. My friend already knew that I didn’t like her other friend and she didn’t mind. I used to ask her why her friend was acting like that towards me and flirting with my bf at the time, but she always got defensive of her friend and was rude. Now, for whatever reason she completely ignores me. If we walk past the hallway she rolls her eyes. If I try talking to her she gives me rude sarcastic answers. She also lied to me a few times about some things. One of them being that when me and my ex broke up, she said she didn’t talk to him anymore and that he was a bad influence. (They only talked because he was in our friend group and we all got along) Well she still talks to him. I have asked her if I upset her in anyway and she said everything was fine. I’ve never been mean to her or anyone and she knows that. Why would she be acting like this? Are we just growing apart?

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Only you can sort that out, but you need to be clear thinking

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