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My son’s eyes suddenly opening very wide then going back to normal? ?

Hello everyone, 

My son was having allergies so we gave him allergy medicine the day before yesterday. A Claritin. The follow day (yesterday) he began doing this thing where he opens his eyes wide and then they suddenly go back to normal. It happens every couple of minutes. He says he can’t control it and it doesn’t seem to bother him but it’s concerning to witness. I figured maybe he was just very tired yesterday but after some rest he woke up in the same condition today. I’ve looked up his  behavior but haven’t found anything. He hasn’t been sick no flu or cold just a bit of allergies and he (doesn’t really watch tv so I don’t think it’s eye strain.) 

Has anyone experienced something like this? Does anyone know what this is? 


Sorry for the spelling errors my phone is acting up. I don’t want to seem like I am overreacting because things with kids usually wear off in a day or two but if anyone knows what this is please let me know.

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