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Can somebody please tell me if this is normal?


For as long as I can remember I have always been the same. When standing up in the same place for a few minutes my feet become red and hot and my legs become motley, a blueish colour and they sting until I walk a little. I also get very red feet when I have been walking around such as places like shopping centres. I also get the flip side where my feet and legs become very cold whether I am sitting down or laying down etc. The normal colour will come through after a few seconds when I press down on my feet and legs but is quite a difference in colour. Hypotension has been suggested before as my blood pressure drops significantly when I stand for a few minutes. this does make me feel very lightheaded and my vision blurs. I am just wondering if anyone has experienced this or has an idea of what it could be. My doctors are not all very helpful so would be good to know of anything it could possibly be to avoid going. I have attached a picture of my legs after standing for a few minutes. 

Thank you. 

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    Talk to a doctor, that could be serious.

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