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Opinion on the red skin around my mouth? Any help is appreciated!?

I've tried moisturizers, hydrocortisone cream and fungal creams. It's just getting worse, had it for 6 months and its gradually got worse over time. Any help is appreciated! I also wear lip balm on my lips so my lips themselves aren't inflamed it's the skin around it.

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    A deficiency of B2, Riboflavin. Very common on a modern Western diet. Don’t be a vegetarian! Don’t drink any kind of soda, cola, fizzy pop drinks. Take 1 x B2 + 1x multi-B tablet for a week, (!00 to 200mg) Recommended dose i

    s 1.5 to 2 mg, this is much too low for young people. 100mg once a week thereafter or 10mg daily.

    Source: Experience, Merck’s manual, Upjohn’s vitamin manual, the Nurient bible by Henry Osiecki. Newton’s pharmacy.

    NHMRC riboflavin recommendations for Australian adults:

    1. – RDI men: 1.3 mg/day
– RDIwomen:1.1mg/day

    From Earl Mindell’s vitamin bible:  This is an easy to understand book for those with less science:

    B2 Riboflavin.  also known as vitamin G.

    Deficiency is Arobflavinosis, sores and rashes around mouth, lips, skin and genitalia.  

    Found in Milk, Liver, kidneys, yeast, cheese leafy green vegetables, fish and eggs (so you can see why being a vegetarian is a bad idea.)  

    No known toxic effects.  If you are taking the pill, pregnant or lactating, you need more.

    It is the most common deficiency in the American diet. (I’m Australian, we eat lots of fish and lamb’s liver).

    Destroyed by light, hormones and alcohol and food cooked in water which dissolves it out.  US RDA is 1.2 to 1.6 milligrams (mg) per day.

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    Officially, you've got perioral dermatitis--peri--around, oral--the mouth, dermatitis--skin irritation.

    It's likely that something has changed, maybe something that seems inconsequential, but it's led to this. Things to consider:

    New soap or reformulated soap used on the face.

    New laundry detergent, or same one with a different scent.

    New sleeping position that allows you to drool. (New pillows can lead to this.)

    New sheets or pillowcases.

    Nasal congestion causing open-mouthed breathing when lying down.

    After six months, a dermatologist visit is probably in order. The internet says they're likely to advise you to:

        Stop applying all corticosteroids, including hydrocortisone cream, to your skin.

       Take an antibiotic, such as tetracycline or erythromycin.  

    Change your skin care routine.

    In the meantime, what I'd probably try amounts to minimizing all potential irritants while killing bacteria. I'd wash the area twice a day and gently, no washcloth, just the hands, with a bacteria-killing soap or face wash. Pat dry. Moisturize with a sensitive skin product like Neutrogena's "Moisture" in the sensitive skin formula, no SPF. Scrupulously clean towels and pillowcases, laundered every other day. Keep hands away from my face. For the short term, I'd even try eating especially healthy.

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    well stop touching your genitals and then touching your face, thats what causes it, its a bacteria

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