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What do ya’ll recommend that I do?

Hi everyone! I just got a cat but I am not sure if it would be good for myself or the cat if I keep him. I really want to be able to give him a better life, but I am not sure if I would be able to handle him. He is way more energetic at home than in the shelter which I know can happen because of the change in environments. I love him so much already but he chews on wires and goes to the bathroom on the carpet even though I have showed him the litter box. I don’t know how it would be possible to train him because he wont eat treats. He also doesn’t seem to be getting along with the dog. I have only had him for a day and I know it takes time to adjust but the dog and cat are both very stressed. The dog started shaking at one point just because the cat was there. They also hiss/bark/growl at each other. I have been told to give it a week or two to see if it gets better but I would also feel terrible for him to get really attached to me or the home only to have to give him back to the shelter. What do you guys recommend? Have any of you had this problem before?


I forgot to mention that the dog is my boyfriends (who I live with) and he isn’t able to focus on training the dog consistently. The cat also seems to be pushing it a little too because he keeps walking up to the dog and often looks like he is about to pounce on her.

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  • Bort
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    I've had out-of-control cats before but they were all female. Spaying a female helps their behavior significantly. I'm not sure that helps with males but it might. That subject may not be relevant because shelters usually do spay and neuter animals when they get them so he probably is neutered.

    Cats can't be trained like a dog can be. They do what they want, when they want, how they want, to who they want. Changing a cats behavior is actually changing YOUR behavior and adjusting their environment (your home) so they behave more like what you'd like them to.

    In most cases a misbehaving cat is because the cat is in pain or distressed or stressed or depressed that we humans can't always detect our cat is going through.

    What I think your choices are are either start attempting to adjust his behavior by adjusting your home, his primary environment, and taking him to a vet - or taking him back to the shelter.

    Purchase or build him his own bedding area, purchase or build him places and things to climb and perch on, give him a crap-ton of attention and play with him.

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  • 1 month ago

    The cat should be locked in a room until he settles in. Do not let the dog in that room. Cat proof it (get cord covers and do whatever else that needs to be done to keep the cat and your things safe). Once he settles into that room you can start introducing him to the dog and the rest of the house. 

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  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Put the cat in a room/rooms you can easily clean along with its litter box, food and water and don't expect perfection in ONE DAY... dog needs to be corrected, cat needs time to settle and somewhere to climb high like a cat tree/shelves to enable it to get out of the dogs way, while you lead walk your dog to get rid of some of its excess energy and teach it to LEAVE the cat alone and correct it when it doesn't

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