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Why has my labradors tail gone all skinny suddenly?

Yeah.... self explanatory and serious question btw (I always worry)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    According to what google brought up, it could be hyperthyroidism. But I didn't read the whole article or site to know more about it than just what it could be. You would need to get a Vet to check it out to find out what really is going on. It may be something that you caught early & is treatable, to where if you don't catch it early it could be death. just sayin' , doubt it to be deadly.

    • Josh4 weeks agoReport

      Nah, he has a regular heartbeat

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Feel the tail from the base to the tip for any lumps or open sores, run a comfort through it to make sure nothing caught up in the fur.   Depending where you live your lab may be blowing his coat this early in the winter.  We had some super cold days followed by temps in the high thirty’s and low fourths for two weeks or so them milder temperatures than usual.  Both my male labs started blowing their winter coats and our shelte/boarder mix looks like she has mange, big huge chunks of coat missing her, she has not quite grown in the spring coat but the short fuzzy winter layer is falling off in chunks.

    If you don’t find injury or bruises, sores etc in the tail then I would guess he shed out the dense hair that keeps the wind and cold from cutting through.  By comparison from what you are used to looking at he now has a toothpick tail.

    I have been brushing out my shedding guys every day to try and keep the hair at a minimum and to check their under coats to make sure they don’t have any injuries etc.  they still have a great amount of fur but it’s no longer super thick down to the skin, it’s the normal water resistant summer coat.

    If you do find your dog reacts in pain when your fooling with his tail, give a call to your vet.  If he isn’t growing much hair on the tail it would also be worth giving a call to the vet.  Has the dog been dewormed lately?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Looks like a normal Lab tail to me.

    • E. H. Amos
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      4 weeks agoReport

      Correct Lab tails - are described as OTTER-like.  Yes, this could be a pet quality and/or non-typical Lab or a Lab mix, for all we know.  And we do not know if the tail really changed, or if poster has mental issues and is imagining it.

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