Please explain to me why liberty is a myth in the USA?

Why are liberals so hell bent on allowing the dysfunction of govt to prevail/direct there lives? Cater to them, when history clearly shows every government EVER has been 100% against its own citizens

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  • 1 month ago

    So that they don't die.

    History has shown that 100% of humans who didn't have any food to eat starved to death.

    The border wall is a much greater threat to America than anything liberals have ever considered.

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  • History also shows that unregulated corporatism has always been against its own citizens as well as citizens of other countries. We need to find a balance. There's no reason why a shot in the US is 30 times higher than it is in Canada. There's no reason why the richest, most powerful country in the world has millions in poverty, and people filing bankruptcy over medical costs.

    It's been republican or conservative presidencies to have the highest bank and corporate bailouts. It's been republican and conservative presidents that have bent to the will of corporations to invade other countries for profit.

    It's a myth that liberals want the government to direct their lives. And its just as foolish to believe that unfettered free markitalism will benefit the most people. If cons or republicans truly believed in the free market, they'd be okay with immigrants taking their jobs for lesser pay, they'd be against trade embargoes and tariffs, they'd be against intervening in countries that have different economic systems, etc

  • ioerr
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    1 month ago

    if you have a problem with government in general i'm sure there still some region or regions of the world lacking in such horrible institutions.Β  why don't you go live in one of them

  • 1 month ago

    It's the same reason we get our car fixed when something breaks on it instead of walking everywhere.Β  Because government by, for and of the people is an immense and important utility that we really can't afford to get rid of.

    It's our voice in how our country operates and if we let that go than we have no voice.

    But like a car it requires maintenance, care and diligence to ensure it keeps running.Β  If you don't want to put in the effort then it breaks down.Β Β 

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    • Sfancik
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      1 month agoReport

      Trouble is all the people who want to get rid of the "social leeches" are always surprised to find out they're one of them.Β Β 

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