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I get anxiety when I walk in public in urban areas because I am self-conscious and worry what people think. do people in public really care?


am I putting more worry on something that isn't even true? 

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  • Everyone is self absorbed and worrying about themselves and what they look like and how they come across to other people not realizing everyone else is busy doing the same thing and not actually looking at each other

    You are fine.

    Another piece of advice is the things you may judge others on when you do take a second to stop criticizing yourself will not be the same things other people notice. For example, you may judge someone on punctuality while another person who is always late may not notice other people with this issue because there focus on who gets a task done in a small amount of time. Everyone views things differently. Focus on making yourself happy. Don't waste time comparing/competing with others who don't even know you exist.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No.  That is why they keep walking into you.

    You are not there.

    Only the window and porch people watch who is where doing what.

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  • ioerr
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    4 weeks ago

    they generally don't, and yes  you are putting more worry into that than it deserves

    but, ideally, it shouldn't matter to you if they care or not

    if you get anxious worrying about what other people might think about you in public, i think that indicates that your real problem isn't whatever those other people might be thinking.  your real problem is that you're not sure whether you approve of yourself

    of course nobody's perfect, but i'd say you need to think about whatever shortcomings you have, and either learn to accept them as they are, or make active efforts to change them for the better, until you can live with the result

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There's a quote that fits here? "Know who cares less about you and your problems than you do? EVERYBODY". No one out there really cares

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