What are the differences between the Assyrian Empire and the Persian Empire?

What are their similarities? Which one was more advanced?

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    Assyrians were a Semitic culture that emerged in the 3rd millennium BC and began forming an empire in northern Mesopotamia in the 2nd Millennium. Their primary rival was the Babylonians who formed an empire just to the south around the same time. They also clashed with other Bronze Age kingdoms in Mesopotamia like the Mitanni and Hittites. In the Iron Age, revitalized as an even larger empire, the Assyrians conquered into the Levant, subjecting peoples like the Israelite and Judahites, and even conquered into Egypt where they ruled for half a century. In the end it was their rival the Babylonians, allied with the Persians' Iranian cousins the Medes, who brought down the Assyrian Empire.

    The Persians were one of the Indo-Iranian peoples who migrated from the Eurasian steppe onto the Plateau of Iran in the early Iron Age. In the 7th Century BC their aforementioned Median cousins overthrew the Assyrians. A century later the Persians overthrew the Medes and their Babylonian allies. The Persian(a.k.a. Achaemenid) Empire ruled the largest territory up to that time in history, but were eventually conquered by the Greeks under the Makedonian king Alexander the Great. Though the Persians did reemerge as the Sassanian(a.k.a. Neo-Persian) Empire in the 3rd Century AD. 

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    The Persian Empire was more recent so I guess it was more advanced.

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  • Elaine
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    Yahoo Answers doesn't allow enough space to give anything remotely resembling a complete answer.  First of all you need to define "advanced".  Are you looking at warfare, literature, architecture, etc.?

    One of the major differences between the two empires is that the Assyrians were constantly putting down revolts whereas the Persians allowed a certain amount of autonomy in the subject countries.  Two good sources for both empires are :The Bible for the Assyrians and Herodotus for the Persians 

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