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When will I see my Kybella results?

12 days ago I received 2 vials of kybella in 1 session. I’m a young male with a small amount of double chin and the doctor and I both agreed that 2 vials would be all I would probably need. I’ve heard it can take months but i’m under the impression that the reason it can take months is because people have 3+ sessions over the course of months. As for me, it was a one and done session. I’m not seeing results yet and i’m pretty sure i’m only im just about back to pre- kybella stage. What are your thoughts?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think your answer lies with the doctor who administered this wonder drug. That he/she did not cover this with you, should be considered malpractice. Your thoughts?

    • jacob1 month agoReport

      she did cover it however i was quite nervous when i received it that i didn’t pick up info

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