middle left back side pain. what could be?

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  • 1 month ago

    It would depend on what you did to your back, you asked a very limited and vague question.

    You could have slept on your back awkardly which would cause tightness/soreness on your back. If so, you need to get better pillows and learn to sleep ON your back, not curving.

    You could have lifted something and moved the wrong way, and if so, pulled a muscle in your back which while painful is not long lasting, usually 1-2 weeks to fully heal it! You may need to see a chiropractor to untie the knot it will be painful BUT it will fully undo the kink in your back.

    You may have thrown out a disc in your back! The spine is held up by a series of metal discs in your back that help to support the spine, you may have ended up dislodging a disc or multiple discs in your back. If so, the ONLY way to remedy this is surgery, and the recovery time would be anywhere from 4-6 weeks!

    You need x-rays.

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