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Is kraft mozzarella cheese vegetarian? ?

I am not going for vegan but vegetarian. 

Does it contain rennet or any animal enzyme?

I leaves me in confusion it says enzymes but it could have been from a plant. I need help finding mozzarella cheese that is vegetarian(companies). I know certain companies do use rennet or animal enzymes and certain companies that does not. 

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    "Is kraft mozzarella cheese vegetarian?"

    Here's what a quick search on Google brought up.

    However the short answer is yes Kraft mozzarella cheese, is vegetarian suitable.

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      Always nice to read your answers..

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  • 1 month ago

    You're not seeing the forest for the trees. You're focusing on enzymes and not seeing that Kraft mozzarella is made from part-skim milk - which comes from cows.

    If you want 'vegetarian' cheese, then it will also be vegan cheese - made from non-dairy 'milks' such as almond, soy, rice...and I don't believe Kraft makes those.

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  • If it doesn't say, it's probably made with animal rennet.

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