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What manga is this??? ?

The main character swims, and it begins with her in the pool locker room and some guy is in there and he puts cigarette butts there. The student body president (girl)'s dad is the boss of the guy that put the cigarette butts there. She makes the guy do whatever she wants, including sexual things threatening to tell her dad to fire the guys dad. The main character starts dating her long time friend, who also swims and she ends up fooling around with the bad guy too.

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  • Joanne
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    3 weeks ago

    No, because manga isn't my specialty (sorry).  However, I love stories of taboo forbidden romance.

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    • Joanne
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      Finally - (not romantic; brother vs. nasty sister) and (sister misses childhood love of her brother and rekindles it) and (ginger siblings discover they're meant for each other).

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