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What was one ride someone convinced you to go on?

Before our trip to Disney World, my brother convinced me that I should go on Flight of Passage. All he had to say to convince me was “You get to ride a dragon” and that’s what made me want to go on the ride because my brother knows how much I like dragons. Flight of Passage ended up being my favorite ride in all of Disney World. My brother and I went on it 4 times. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who gets motion sickness though. It’s a 3D flight simulator.


It doesn’t have to be a ride from a Disney park. It could be a ride from any theme or amusement park.

Update 2:

Or it could be from a fair.

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  • 3 months ago
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    I remember when my wife and I took our son and her young granddaughter to Disney. They all three insisted on going on the ride Space Mountain. It is basically a rollercoaster in the dark. All three of them were crying by the time it was over. I warned them!

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