Should I keep this cell phone plan or upgrade it?

I enrolled in this plan in August 2015, apparently this plan no longer exists, and I am only able to stay on it because I am "grandfathered" to the plan. According to the Freedom guy @ store, this is really a great plan compared to what's available today due to the fine print in the older style of contract? (only downside to staying on this plan is they won't let me finance an expensive phone with it) is this older grandfathered plan really worth not being able to finance a phone?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Only you know the answer to this. What I and many other people with grandfathered plans do is... Save up to buy the phone off choice, then buy it when the price reduces during a promo. Example back to school sales, Fall and Holiday sales, when newer models come out, etc.


    So if you can't afford a $900+ phone or to replace it 2 days later if it gets destroyed (because you didn't want to spend the extra on insurance), you can't afford the phone. 

    So list out what is more important to you, a plan at a good price, that you can't get it you move forward with getting a phone on installments (including insurance) with  paying the higher plan price with the installment payments and insurance factored in.


    Or keeping your current phone or getting a lesser phone, and putting aside the money you'd be paying for the new phone's payment (and insurance) each month. 

    I buy my phones outright when the price goes down or there is a really good promo on the carrier or Amazon. 


    Keep an eye out for one day sales on both carrier and Amazon that can be up to 50% on depending on the promo's details. Only add a second line (some promo's do this), if you need or want a second line to drop say a land-line you are not using. That way you can just shift the land-line cost to the phone savings account. 

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