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I've been dating a lady but havent told her I ride. Should I ask her if she wants to go on a Poker Run the 25th or will it ruin things?

We've been Casually dating 2 months. Yes, I also put this in Relationships.

Normally, i'd lay my cards on table 1st date. But she Rambles on, so, I let her;

hard to get word in edgewise. I'd normally ask on first date; I Love to ride., Do You? If not, does it Bother you I do? If so, no date.

This is with the Moose Lodge, Nice people, $$ goes to charity. It is near my birthday too, i know she is stojked abouy my Bday. We Wil dribe to Mt Whipple Tues to se the telecsope for it, NB tge "Fab Four " Sat nuight.


Sorry for poor editing,  it's YA's  "result"  when U  you cut and paste from another topic: 

 "I know she is stoked about my birthday,  we will see  the "Fab Four " Sat night, the Whipple telescope array Tues. "

Update 2:

I said: "lady". Not :"girl".  She is a 65 Yo widow, I'm  63 (or Will be in one wk.) Dates aren't easy  at my age, not like can just  ask anyone near my age, most are married. 

Update 3:

I Said: "  ... ask . I Love to ride., Do You? If not, does it Bother you I do? If so, no date" 

I did NOT  say I'd Ditch her,  Otherwise. Ask  if it Bothered her.  Like,  if she likes going to Mass but I don't,  don't bodda me. Regather her be Christian, anyway.

Update 4:

Not a  Pussy by a Long Shot. Ride a harley at 80, to Mexico and Flag, soon  to Laughlin    later KS and next year,  Sturgis.  Rode  on runs w/HAMC , Huns, Cochise Riders, Berserkers,  even CMA and ALR.   Did 3y/10 in ADC.  I am just Polite, Let her ramble, possibly a little senile. Let her enjoy hearing herself talk.,I soon run outa what to say, anyways. 

Update 5:

Not that anyone out there Gives a ****;  But,   she  told name yesterday  her sister died in Mesa, has to go up there. We will ride some Other weekend.

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    If you are just casual  dating, I don't see  any reason to "disclose" if it worries you so. Continue on. Maybe hit one of those  Biker Next websites, get a Casual  who Will ride with you or her  own ride. Best of both worlds.

    You are not going with her or looking to marry, are you? Don't blow it, then.

    I dated a lady,  "Lucy", she asked pointedly on first date what  my interests were.  Since she stereotyped all motorcyclists, she (We) decided,  not really for each other.This was Different, I had parked my 'bike  close to the window, she saw me dismount. It was cool we , got two free   iced teas at Senior discount  at IHOP, anyway. Nice distraction on a nice afternoon. Parted friends.

    Don't  worry about name calling here, those with a Real life don't  frequent. Too easy to judge others,  anonymously  and second hand. You will find some who  second-guess Airline Pilots with years of experience !   I never say anything  about anyone,   anywhere, I wouldn't say to their Face. But,I guess I'm   an  exception. 

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    This isn't a great  place to ask for such advice. Those who rode 30-50 years have been married as long, and can't relate to dating anymore. Can't give positive suggestions.

    Younger sorts are so wrapped up in motorcycles they can't see outside the box

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    Give her a shot. 2 months sounds like she Likes you,  will  understand  and say "No. not my bag" and you go on dating as usual. Or,  maybe like a new experience.I don't have to tell you; ride Easy. Don't  ride w/a pack that wants to do 10 over. Ride tail or alone with  her. If she tires, bring  moola for an Uber for her.  Continue solo. Its to her  advantage it won't be too hot to sit and wait for a lift, like it might be in August. 

    Nor will I "judge" your studly ability to just rope another filly. Obvious you have soft spot in your sump  for her, don't want to screw up. 

    EDIT: I assume , since there is a  run  scheduled for Sat Jan. 25  in your locality,  it won't be "20 below" . More like a predicted 74 degrees at 2 PM. 

  • You ask this as though you're concealing a criminal record from her.  If you haven't told her because you can't get word in edgewise, walk away, there's no cure, and she won't be hot forever.  If you haven't mentioned it because you're worried she may get turned off, walk away, there's no cure, and she won't be hot forever.  If you haven't mentioned it because you're a pussy, she'll figure it out and she'll walk away.

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    Ask her. Get it over with. If she turns you down, you have time to ask another girl.

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    Well, since apparently you don't want to date someone who objects to your riding, you should ask her to go. She may say yes, then you are good. If she says "no." you can find out how she feels about you riding.

    You don't sound like you want to be with someone who objects to your riding, so you won't "ruin things" you will just find out if you are compatible.

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    You might as well find out if she is cool with it. If not, ditch her.

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