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Can staring at screens really damage your eyes?

I think I might be experiencing the effects of damage because every time I turn off the light, I can't see in the dark and I sometimes my vision gets taken up by flashes of light and these like static like light things.

I have actually been staring at my screen for along time, but witha blue light filter. I'm not sure what's happening though. Please help.


Could some of the photoreceptor cells in my eye be dead?

Update 2:

I can see perfectly in daylight, but at night I can't make out objects.

Update 3:

The effects can last a whole night, but the flashing stops. My normal vision in the dark has these stiples of light. I am 21. The stiples make it hard to see in the dark.

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    If something is happening to your eyes, I don't think this has anything to so with screens that you're watching. At least I have never read anything like that. They said the same thing about  TV in the 1960s-- I remember that.

    How LONG dao these affect linger after you turn of the light and how old are you? Because this makes a difference. But I also bet the same effect for a few minutes.

    But I don't think it haw any thing to do with your  viewing habits

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