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My friends and I are coming to London on the 25th of January. We come from Chichester, and we'll get off on East Croydon Station. It's our first time in London and we plan to stay for 3 days. We plan to buy 3 anytime travelcards which is good for the 3 days we'll be staying.

Question though, can we purchase the travelcard in East Croydon Station on the day we arrive there or is there a need to purchase one beforehand? I checked the machine in the train station in Chichester and it only offers the Zone 1-6 Travelcard. We only want the Zone 1-4 Travelcard. Also, how much is a Zone 1-4 Travelcard for 1 day anytime travel if you get it at the train station? Do you get it at the ticket booth?

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    You will be able to buy one at the station on the day.  But I would not advise this.  The cost of a one-day Travelcard is deliberately set so high that it will be cheaper to buy Oystercards and "pay as you go".  (Ze Big Master Plan is to get everyone paying electronically as far as possible so all paper tickets are overpriced.)  There is a £5 deposit for an Oystercard but you can get that back if you return it when you leave London.

    It's £13.50 for the Travelcard, but if you use Oyster, the daily fare cap is £10.40.  What the cap means is you pay as you go, but once you hit the cap, all further travel is free that day.  So you save £3.10 a day or more using Oyster, and if you do that for 3 days, that's £9.30 saving - it's still worth paying £5 for an Oystercard even if you never claim the deposit back.  Which you could do - keep the card for coming to London again.

    Now do you all have contactless debit or credit cards?  If you do, even better - just use those  you get charged the same as using Oyster and don't have to buy anything.  You'll just see the total for each day appear on your monthly statement or bill.  Anyone who doesn't have one can buy an Oystercard.  If nowhere in the station sells Oystercards, find the nearest newsagent - they will.

    To use an Oystercard or your own card on train, tube, bus and tram, touch it to the round yellow reader at the ticket barrier, on the bus or at the tram stop, and the correct amount will be deducted.  On the train or tube, also touch it on the barrier on the way out so the Oyster system knows where you've been and can charge the card correctly.  The bus or tram fare is a flat £1,50 so there is no need to touch again when you get off - do that and you could get charged twice!

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    I hate to rain on your parade, but East Croydon (and West Croydon for that matter) is in zone 5. The "cap" that the others have been talking about is £12.40 for zone 1-5. If you want a cheaper way, try taking the tram from Croydon to Wimbledon, and then getting on a train (District Line or South Western Trains) into Central London. As Wimbledon is in zone 3, your daily cap is £8.50. The tram takes 29 minutes from East Croydon Station to Wimbledon Station, and Wimbledon has as many fast trains as East Croydon does, albeit into Waterloo rather than Victoria or London Bridge.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You're likely to find it better value to use a contactless payment card, which will cap at the travelcard day rate (and is generally slightly cheaper than buying a paper travelcard)

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