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Cant craft the griffin armour set in witcher 3?

I recently started playing Witcher 3 on my ps4 and I just completed the mission for the griffin armor set. In the crafting menu the swords show up but the armor is not showing up. It is not showing up even when I visit the armorer in Novigrad. I was able to craft the two swords but not the chest piece, the pants or the gloves, cause it's not there. What could have happened? Can anyone help?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You have to go out and find the diagrams. From the sounds of it you've found the diagrams for the swords, but not for the armour.

    Check your Quests log. There will be a side-quest for finding the Griffin Armour Set which will lead you to the diagrams.

    • slayershine2 months agoReport

      I already mentioned I finished the quest for the amour set.

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