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How do you start Quickbooks?

I enrolled in this class and totally lost.  I have to take it because of my major and this is the one that I decided to complete last because I knew it was complicated.  I went thru all the necessary steps but when I get to the file storage location I don't see a file. I keep looking thru the assignment and don't see anything I suppose to download.  I have been stuck on this for a day and can't get in touch with the teacher to ask him.  I do have a file manager I had to download on my desktop, but that's empty. After choose file and then choose the open or restore company command, I go to choose restore a portable file and click next.  Then it say, navigate to your file storage location and click on a file and click open.  Click on what file?  I don't see a file.  I keep looking thru the assignment and I don't see any files to download.  Can someone help me?

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    You are missing the fact that you are CREATING the file.  when it asks for a location, it's asking where you want to SAVE/CREATE this file.  You only will see a file existing when you are editing a current file and then wish to save it.  

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    I think Quickbooks is beyond the scope of Yahoo Answers to accurately answer for you. You do know that Yahoo Answers is just a forum where the general public can answer questions. There is no guarantee of getting the correct answers even! Best wait until your teacher is available and ask him/her.

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      That is correct, but maybe someone had the same assignment and know what to do.  Thanks

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