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My ears are popping days after flying? ?

So I ended up flying still congested. It was a 10+ hour flight as well. It was painful landing in my ears and after I couldn't hear that well. A day after flying most of my hearing was back to normal but I would hear my ears pop a couple times a day. I also developed this productive cough. I dont feel as though its coming from my lungs but more like my throat as if its draining or something. Is this just my sinuses like depressurizing? Its been four days so is this still normal? 

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  • edward
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    1 month ago

    Easy way to get the pressure out? Plug your nose, close your mouth and try to blow out, it’ll normaljze the pressure in your ears, shouldn’t be painful. Most painful thing for me after a long flight like that is sitting down again. Even in first class flying’s not great

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