Back in agony ?

So yesterday I bend over to pick up the mail and as I did I felt this extreme pain like no other, I’ve been using votorol and pain killers, but it’s extremely painful I can’t walk , stand sit or move at all without feeling pain, when I move it’s the my hole lower back clenches up, yesterday i was lying on the sofa and it took me 30 minutes to sit up it was that painful, same for getting out of bed it’s taking me so long because it’s that sore I just can’t do anything without extreme pain, do you think I’ve just pulled a muscle or with how painful it is do you think it’s something worst ? 


Even if I just move my legs it’s so painful 

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    Sounds more like severe muscle spasm. If it does not improve you will need muscle relaxants.

    See your Doctor.

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  • 1 month ago

    One of two things happened here, which is a) you pulled a muscle or muscles in your back OR b) when you moved the wrong way, you dislodged a disc or discs in your back. For you to know what exactly happened, you will need to get an x-ray done on your back, and the results will determine the next course of action. If its a pulled muscle, it will heal 100% on its own without medical assistance, if its a disc dislodged you will need surgery, and the recovery time takes 4-6 weeks.

    You need to book an appointment with your doctor ASAP! In the interim there are several things you should be doing:

    1. Avoid being stationary for long periods of time, otherwise your back will tense up and it will spasm when you try to change positions! Keep moving, walk around your house, go outside etc, whatever it takes to keep you moving.

    2. Take muscle relaxors every 4-6 hours! This will loosen up your back big time, and you will be feeling no pain. Try to NOT mix booze though with it, otherwise you really are just cancelling out the pain meds, and pain continues.

    3. When laying down- Always lie flat, with your legs elevated. You need to have two pillows at all times, one underneath your neck, the other on your back (where you injured it). The goal here is to straighten the spine out, this will help your health short and long term. If its a dislodged disc, you could **** your spine up and wind up in a wheel-chaire if your not careful.

    4. Book an appointment with your doctor NOW

    I have blown my back out twice, and let me tell you its hell on earth, nothing about it is fun! 

    he first time I pulled a muscle when I was coughing/moved the wrong way, I made the major mistake of laying down, this caused spasms. I ended up sleeping on the floor with my legs up for the night, and after that no more spasms, although i had tightness for a week after. 

    The second time was 2 weeks ago! I was carrying a heavy bag up the stairs, I ended up moving the wrong way, and my lower back went out. Right away instant pain and tightness. Lucky for me I had experience on my side! I took a muscle relaxor and put a pillow under me and I layed on the couch, no word of a lie, I spent a solid week on my basement couch, and it took me an hour just to climb the stairs. I was doing a lot better, went back to work etc, and then today the tighthness made a bit of a comeback, so I didn't push myself and took muscle relaxors.

    You'll be fine, but get your *** to your doctors asap!

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