Body departedness?

Ive been feeling like this for some years now and i dont know what it is i feel like something left my body and i dont know what it is ive went everywhere including the psychiatrist and they dont know what it is it just feels like something left my body and i dont what it could be i see stuff like floaters but i know its not caused by vision problems i feel like its the thing that left me this is not a joke this is very serious someone please help me i feel like its my soul left me but everybody keeps telling me i would be dead if that was the case what else could it be someone please help ive been like this for 8 yrs now.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Bubbles have to be popped, or chakras have to opened channeling positive energy as thier own focal points.

    Via duality blind eyes which are actually fish eyed lenses that cannot see the roots that are blinded by them and guide them.

    Chasing the world/eden for territories powers secrets and pearls and lots of pretty boys and girls remains attached in ignorance as Prakriti and subject to gen karma

    Or if up to no good how ever self justified Jinn Karma

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