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I got a new phone but I’m getting phone calls from people that aren’t scammers.?

Basically people are phoning me and when I answer they think they have the wrong number. Is it possible for me to have someone’s OLD number when I got the phone and they are able to call it? 

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    The are are only so many possible phone numbers,

    and due to high demand they get recycled. 


    Long ago, an abandoned number was almost guaranteed to be left unused for 

    at least two years, but in today's fast-paced world there may be no delay at all. 


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  • Landline numbers are often recycled so you get calls for the previous user of that number. Cellphone numbers tend to be related to a particular SIM and tend not to be reused. Most press button handsets have a problem where the 5 tends to stick (that's not a problem with a touch screen). If your new phone has one or more 5s in the number, it's quite possible that the caller's hand set has registered too many 5s, For example if your number is 203551, you may get calls for 203555.

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