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My new kitten and my roommates dog don’t get along all the time and I don’t feel comfortable ever leaving them alone together. Any advice?

The kitten (a domestic shorthair) that I just got and the dog (a beagle mix) were getting along and sniffing each other when we first introduced them. The kitten was a little hesitant and hid under the couch and the dog wanted to play with her. Then a few hours later the cat was playing and accidentally slid into the dog, scaring the dog. The dog then barked really loudly and the kitten got scared and started hissing and scratching. Ever since then the kitten has hissed around the dog and tried to pounce and the dog whines when she sees the kitten. Any ideas on how to train them to be okay together and how to go about this? (Also if anybody has tips on how to train the cat to stop chewing wires I would appreciate it!) Thank you!

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    Don't leave them alone together until they are comfortable with each other. Crate the dog or confine the kitten to one room, door firmly closed, if there is no one home and watching them.

    You made a mistake allowing what has already happened. It's impossible to tell a kitten to do anything. It ought to be possible, if a dog is reasonably well trained, to tell it to stop doing something or leave something alone. That is what you do until the dog learns not to bother the kitten, and you keep doing it until they are used to each other. .

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    Chewing wires: Run as much of the wire through pvc pipe as possible. Put a very thin film of Vics Vaporub on the rest to make it undesirable to the cat. If the cat still shows interest in the wires, wipe them off. See this link:

    Dog/cat: You cannot just put a dog and cat together and expect them to automatically get along. It takes time. The kitten must be kept in a room such as the bathroom while you are away or not directly supervising. This is for the safety of the cat, even if there were NO dog in the house. After being separated for a bit, the kitten may settle down a little.

    After a couple days, let the kitten view the dog from a safe distance. Keep the dog on a leash so he can't get any closer than the kitten finds comfortable. At that point, pull on the leash and make the dog sit. Praise the dog.

    Practice this for awhile so the kitten sees that the dog won't run up on her.

    Let the kitten very briefly smell the dog's back end with someone holding the dog so he won't move or turn around. This should be very brief as in just a few seconds. Put the kitten back where it was comfortable. 

    Take everything in small steps. Reassure the kitten and keep him in the bathroom when you are not there. Continue to teach the dog to sit when near the kitten.

    Eventually, with gradual reintroduction, they should get used to one another. If needed, provide a gate between the two, or better yet, a cat tree. This gives the kitten a place to go that feels safe.

    Time and patience.

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