Did Cleopatra sleep with the enemy ?

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  • Marli
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The answer "She slept with the conquerors" is a sound one.

    According to the Romans, Cleopatra's father willed Egypt to Rome. (He owed Rome money and protection from other creditors). If that was true, Egypt was under the Roman Republic's protection as a client state. It did not help Egypt that the Republic was torn by a civil war and each faction wanted Egypt's resources to back it. Egypt had an internal fight between Cleo and her brother/husband Ptolemy. Both Cleopatra and Ptolemy saw Caesar as the victor of the Roman conflict and each wanted his support to become sole ruler of Egypt. Ptolemy's people killed Pompey, the general opposing Caesar, to get Caesar's goodwill. Cleopatra seduced him. Her method worked. He became her protector and made her sole ruler. When Caesar was assassinated, Cleopatra seduced the member of the triumvirate who controlled the eastern region of the Roman Empire: Mark Antony.

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  • Nunya
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    1 month ago

    She slept with the conquerors. Women's hypergamy makes women look for the best options. Being in a relationship with the leaders of other countries would benefit her in the long run, plus Egypt as well. 

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