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What are the best luxury romantic cruises for a couple?

We're looking for a cruise line that does not cater to children/babies and is more geared for adults. Also, what is the best time to cruise to minimize the children on board? We're looking for a romantic getaway for the two of us and have never been on a cruise before. Thank you.

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    We booked our first cruise without paying attention to the time we went.  There were a load of spring breakers on board.  Generally, they were ok, but they had to close the pol twice because a drunk college student barfed in it.  This past spring, we went on the Celebrity Edge on week, then the RCL Allure the next. The difference was amazing.  There will fewer than 50 kids on the Edge, there were 1400 on the RCL Allure. Like you, I'm not overly fond of going on a vacation with kids.

    I've been on Celebrity cruises with as few as 20 kids and 2 of them were mine. The time of year you go can also be very important.  Going when kids are on break from school , like over holidays or in the summer wiil mean there are more of them. We generally cruise in November or May    Anyway the demographic in ships with fewer kids tends to hew older.  I've never been on a Holland America cruise, but I've heard people are really old on them.

    Anyway, I'd check out Celebrity.  There are no zip lines or bumper cars, but the food is great, people are cool, the service is better than on Carnival, NCL or RCL, and people tend to be more laid back.  I've done 19 cruises, and 14 of them were on Celebrity.  It's a little more money, but you get what you pay for.  

    And as it's your first cruise, definitely use a travel agent, it doesn't cost more.  If you have friends who cruise, ask who they use.  I've heard Costco does a good job too.  And sign up with cruise critic.  You can read up on the passenger demographics n various ships and read reviews by real people so as to be a more informed cruiser.  Have fun, a good cruise can lead to. lifetime of addiction. 

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    Good questions, it depends on when you are traving and for how long?

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    What ages? the cruise lines that have the least amount of kids cater to older adults. As to when, to minimize kids, go when kids are in school and not within a week of any school break.

    Upper Tier Cruise Lines like Crystal will also minimize kids but you will pay for it.

    Consider as an alternative the exclusive tier of cabins that the cruise lines have with their own separate pool and dining areas like with Norwegin Cruises and their  Haven area.

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    you might be able to find some online

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