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What is your thought on birth control?

Some people say women should not put that poison in our body because we were created to reproduce. Do you think it’s bad for our bodies??? I personally never chose to get on any form of it.

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    Like any medication, there are risks and benefits. Birth control has MANY therapeutic uses aside from contraception, so for some women with certain hormone disorders it can significantly improve quality of life. For example, I have a friend who has menorrhagia, and being on BC not only makes her periods much less painful with less bleeding, taking it also means she doesn't have to use up sick days from work due to painful cramping, nor is she chronically anemic like she was before she started BC. I also have other friends with endometriosis, PCOS, and are post-cancer treatment for whom taking hormonal BC is pretty much essential for being able to life a normal life. Without it, the symptoms they would suffer would negatively impact many areas of their lives.

    As for me, I can't stand hormonal BC and what it does to me so I don't use it, plus my mom had a blood clot while she was on BC so I don't want to take the risk if I don't have to. BC was part of my protocols when I was going through fertility treatments, but once I got pregnant and had my daughter I never went on BC again, and never will without a significant medical need.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think women should be in charge of their bodies, just as men have been for centuries. Women should decide when they are ready to have sex, when they are not interested, when to try to have a child, and when to prevent them from "happening." Otherwise, you are just a broodmare, waiting for instructions from some man to decide what your life looks like.

    Anytime you ingest anything, it changes your body. Food, medicine, aspirin, coke, water, anything. Do some research to find out what is a gentle, effective way to prevent children, unless you want to have about 20 in your lifetime. Are you a cat? No, you get to decide.

    Or abstain completely, no withdrawing, broken condoms, etc, or you may get raped.

    I had 2 children--ten years apart--2 different dads. I decided. Not the dads, or the kids or my parents or a church or government, not anyone else.

    I could take care of two, not 6. NOT twenty.

    They are grown now, and I am glad of what I decided, except I wish they were better friends.

    Do not play Russian roulette with your life and children's lives. were not created to be a broodmare, but a full, engaging, talented, gift to the world. Use your gift how you want to, but decide your life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your choice as long as you are prepared to keep popping out kids or not have sex.

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