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Does the Flash/Arrowverse have "ordinary" moments?

Moments showcasing the impact of superhero actions on ordinary people. You know... since a show with that very premise BOMBED, just because it didn't give the Marvel/DC Universe connection people wanted.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Well, it's definitely not the FOCUS of the shows.  These are superhero/comics shows that are more like the comics than any other Superhero content out there.  They embrace time travel, alternate worlds, aliens, things like Gorilla Grodd (a telepathic Gorilla) and King Shark (a man-great white hybrid).  They follow the main characters.

    But to some extent, there is some interest in the effect of the heroes on normal people, but if you're looking for a 'MARVELS' or 'Astro City' like storytelling, no, they're not that.  Flash is the best at giving most of it's villains, even the one-offs, a bit of backstory to humanize them, and I could probably cherry picks some moments from each show highlighting the impact (good and bad) of superheroes on the general public...but it's not the focus.

    The Arrowverse formula usually divides each episode into A, B, and often C plots.  They usually tie together with some kind of theme, though not always.  Each will focus either on advancing some character arc or advancing the season big-bad plot, or will just be a villain-of-the-week plot that usually will reflect somehow on one or more of the characters.  Basically, the Arrowverse does what EVERY show of this type does - try to rip off Buffy the Vampire Slayer's formula.

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