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My crush found funny something that is disrepectful to me and to thousands of gold star families.Should I just accept her apology and letgo?

So I'm in college. The girl I like likes a guy who is into reenacting of battles,he's got different uniforms,from WWII to modern days. In January 2007 I lost my older brother in Iraq. He was a Marine. I have gotten over it but it still hurts,and I miss him,especially this month.Anyway this girl,let's call her Kelley..Kelley finds this guy wearing Marine uniforms fascinating. Ok,fine. But a few days ago she showed me that she took pictures of him wearing a Marine uniform of WWII acting like if he was hit in combat and then laughing about it. I told her I didn't find it funny at all. I told her that I don't think it's funny to laugh about those who were in that situation. She knows about what happened to my family and despite this she not only found it so funny how he acted,but she also showed me that,then she apologized because she didn't mean to hurt me but still..Should I just accept her apology and move on? Now I've cooled of but it still bothers me if I think about it.


Edwena perhaps I didn't explain myself properly: She's not strange nor is that guy. I know plenty of people that are into military reenacting.It's fine as long as you're not disrespecting those who actually went into combat or their family members. I can't get away from her because we're in college together and It's a good college but this thing that happened just bothered me. That's it. perhaps I'll just move on and forgive her,after all my bro woulndn't want me to remain bothered by this issu

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    You should put it on you list of questions about her and then continue on as you would like. The event is strange and perhaps you can find out more from her about her strange friend and why she is involved with a strange friend. But if another strange event occurs, you can expect that there is a pattern, and if you object to it, get away from it. Get away from her. This may role over into cosplay which is weird and not college quality.

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    WTF is a gold star family and where can i get one?

    • Justin1 month agoReport

       a gold star family (In the United States) is a the family of a person who got KIA while in service of the country. Not really something you wanna have I think..

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