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Anonymous asked in TravelAir Travel · 3 months ago

Connecting Flight?

I have recently purchased two airline tickets. One for domestic to domestic and other for domestic to international. However, I have decide to book it separately due to its cheaper cost. 

But I am curious if it will still be okay to have it booked separately and if it is possible to combined those in one ticket. 

Also, time between one to another is about an 2 hour difference. Will this be okay as well?

5 Answers

  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    No, you can't get them combined.

    If it is the same airline, then you probably can get your bags checked all the way.  If it is two different airlines with an interline agreement, then it is also possible.  There is no guarantee though.  I was able to do this once (because I used miles or a companion pass or something for one airline and bought a ticket on another airline to get me to the connection).  I was fully prepared to collect and re-check my bags in the agent couldn't check them all the way through.

    You should contact whatever airlines are involved and ask whether your bags can be checked through or not.

    As for the two hours, that is tight if you have to re-check your bags.  Even if you don't it kind of matters what airport you are at and if you are changing airlines and/or terminals.  You might be OK if you don't have to terminal hop.  If you have to get from one end of a poorly designed large airport, then you'll have issues.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    cheaper ticket but more sweat for you

    at the arrival airport on the domestic route

    you will have to claim your luggage which

    can take a long time

    then take your luggage and checkin fresh

    for the international flight

    chances are you may miss your international

    flight due to delays

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  • 2 months ago

    If you do it that way, you need to go to baggage claim and get your bags, then go to the next airline and check in for that flight dropping off the bags. This means going back through security again. It will take a lot longer to do this than just have a connecting flight on a single itinerary. Two hours may not be enough.

    • Daniel
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      Not necessarily.  As long as the airlines have interline agreements, it is possible to get the bags checked all the way.  Not a guarantee, but it is possible.  I have done so in the past.

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  • 2 months ago

    The danger is if your first flight is so late you miss your onward flight then the airline will not re-book you on another flight. If you no-show for the international flight the airline will simply cancel your ticket. 

    Two hours between flights is fine when your trip is all on one ticket, but it is not enough time if you have separate tickets.  You should change one of your tickets so you have at least four (4) hours between fights. 

    Another answer is correct about your luggage.  When you get to the transit airport you have to go to baggage claim, collect your luggage, take it to the departures area, and check in with it.  

    Finally, if you realize your first flight is going to be very late and cause you to miss your onward flight you have to call the airline that operates the onward flight > before < the scheduled departure to in order to change your ticket.  

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  • 2 months ago

    You cannot combine them now - you made your choice. So you must GET your bags after the first flight, and then go thru checking in with the other airline and giving them your bags, and then go to security. Hope it was worth it in $. 2 hours is OK - Anything closer, bit. They start boarding maybe 30 minutes ahead for the second one, so watch carefully in the time ahead - like every day or so - to see if this is going to STAY the way you booked it.

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