Stay loyal or go for the money? (barber)?

I'm 17 and I started working at a barbershop in December, that just opened in November. I don't have a steady clientele and I was hoping that working at the shop would get me more clients. There are no walk-ins at all because it is a pretty new shop. It is just my boss (who has a good reputation and is always busy) and I cutting there currently. I just sit and watch him cut hair. 

There is a well-established barbershop that is very willing to hire me and they get lots of walk-ins. I know that if I were to work there I'd get way more cuts than I do now. 

What's making a decision hard for me is that I don't know if switching up on my boss is the right thing to do. I feel like he wants to see me win more than he wants to make money off of me. He sees himself in me because we come from the same story when he started as a barber. I feel like the shop that is willing to hire me is just trying to make money off of me as it is already flourishing. I also know a guy at the shop who really wants me to work there

I don't want to create bad blood or anything like that. I feel like he's taking me under his wing and wants to see me become a great barber.

My boss tells me that starting off will never be easy and I have to put in the time and it's like this for everyone starting off. 

Another part of me feels like we can be successful together

Also telling my boss that I want to leave feels very disrespectful and would be 


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  • 1 month ago

    if i am you. one of the things i will do is make listings down below.

    1) get good like your current boss. be very good n sharp.

    2) keep communicate when your customers come when they do come in.

    3) ask them what they liked about your job?

    4) Accept THOSE answers and work on it. if its good still its not good. If a person "

    Returns" you doing excellent. if not its still Good to Say in a nice way.

    5) get your clientele.

    6) you other job need you to shave him off your head. thats what going to happen.

    7) your current boss need you.

    8) get "Pay" straight.

    9) I was like you i had a new boss. he was a project engineer. I was associate engineer. not i am stuck with him because project was of 2 year only. now he says "why more pay?" we never had a talk.

    10) keep talking about your goods pros n cons. and keep pulling sleeves up as money goes. never underestimate yourself for other human being except your parents and family. (cousins not included either)

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    Where are you? Are you properly licensed?

    • karl1 month agoReport

      ontario, and no

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  • 1 month ago

    Being a barber is a lifelong job and many barbers stay at the same place for a very long time. If the guy mentoring you right now is and excellent barber, I would stay with him to hone your craft. If he is just so-so, I would follow the money.

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