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If it is 1am here in Northern California then what time would it be in a GMT-5 time zone?

I need help in understanding GMT-5 time.

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    GMT-5 means they're 5 hours behind GMT. GMT-5 is the east coast of the USA which means they're 3 hours ahead of you. If it's 1:00 am in California then it's 4:00 am on the east coast, and 9:00 am GMT. All of this means you're GMT-8.

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    GMT-5 is Eastern Standard Time (at this time of year) so it's 3 hours later than Northern California.

    4 a.m. is the answer

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  • Bill-M
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    There are 24 Main Time Zones. The Starting Point is Greenwich England (Greenwich Mean Time GMT).  Time Zones are number East and West From Greenwich.

    Going West From Greenwich (GMT) across the Atlantic Ocean you come to New York City, which is Eastern Standard Time OR GMT-5 (5 time zones west of Greenwich).

    You live in California, Pacific Standard Time which is GMT-8.

    GMT-8   (Minus 8)  Means  you take GMT time and Subtract 8 hours to get your local time.  (except when your on daylight savings time)

    Going the other way EAST from Greenwich you use the + sign.

    I live in time zone GMT + 10, or 10 times zones EAST of Greenwich.   East cost of Australia. 

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  • 1 month ago

    California is GMT-8 right now, then if it's 1am in CA it would be 4am in GMT-5

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      thank you!

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