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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsOther - Diseases · 2 months ago

My ALT and AST is slightly elevated. Can this be Cirrhosis?

A little background: I used to be a heavy drinker. One year ago, I went and got blood work and an Ultrasound and CT Scan of my Right Upper Quadrant. The blood test and both radiology exams showed that the liver was functioning normally and appeared normal in size.

I went to get blood work done 2 months ago and my liver function tests came back normal, ALT 14, AST 15, etc. I just went to get blood work done this week and it showed that my ALT and AST were elevated. ALT 73 and AST 54. MY LDH and AFP was normal; however, it still increased and was LDH 161 compared to 121 2 months ago; AFP 2.4 compared to 1.5 a year prior. The rest of my liver function results were normal and stayed about the same, Bilirubin, Albumin, Protein, ALP, Prothrombin Time, GGT, INR, ect.

I did get follow up blood work done yesterday and now my ALT is 50 and my AST 25 and LDH 136

Is it possible that I could have gotten Cirrhosis within a year of having a normal liver CT Scan and Ultrasound? 


I already had another ultrasound and am awaiting the results, but just wanted to see if anyone has any potential insight what it could be.

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  • 2 months ago
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    you need to see your doctor about it

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