What is the name of this old board game?!?

My ex-boyfriend had this board game, he found it at a thrift shop. It was kind of old and it was a cardboard map of the United States along with several cities. It came with a spinner where are you selected a letter of the alphabet, and a small hourglass timer, and pegs to place in the holes of the states and cities. You spin the wheel and it landed on a letter. Say, the letter A. You then flip the timer and had that many seconds to place all the pegs on as many cities and / or states that you can find. I think it was originally supposed to be a kids game however it was really challenging. Google keeps showing me this game called the great States, traveling United States, across the country, and none of those are it. I'm pretty sure he Googled it once and said it was a vintage board game around the 70s or 80s. I really want this game for myself and my friends and my friends mom. It was colorful, but not in an annoying, overly bright way that most small children games are.  Can someone please help me find this game?

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