I'm level B2/C1 in Spanish and French, but I struggle speaking the language. Has anyone got any tips on how to improve?

Hi all,

Like I said in the main heading, I have an advanced/ proficient level of French and Spanish, and I can make myself understood in both languages, but my speaking could be stronger in terms of complexity of language and linguistic structures and fluidity. 

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I could improve? Ask myself questions and answer them in the target language maybe? Would that work? My issue is that my lecturers aren't very good and don't practice speaking with us much, not the kind of speaking we would do in the exam anyway, and I don't know anyone who is fluent in the language that I could practice with. 

So if anyone has any suggestions that I can do on my own without paying for anything, that would be really great, thank you! 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Watch serious talk shows or in-depth news programs in French or Spanish. If you use subtitles, make sure you use French subtitles for the French programs and Spanish subtitles for the Spanish programs. Avoid English subtitles.



    You can also listen to audio books in those languages, following along with the original books in the original language. Ask your librarian for help in finding good ones.

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