Drywall installation cost ?

Hi I live in Ga I have 30 sheets of drywall need to install 15 on walls and 15 on cieling  I need them  installed and finish how much should I expect to pay per sheet or job thanks.

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  • Edwena
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    There is more to it than that. Your job is to be sure all of the electrical outlets, plumbing takeoffs, insulation, sealing, tv cables, security cables, miscellaneous wiring, the attic walkway and flooring is perfect. Once you put up the sheetrock, there is no going back. And, there is more to it than installing the sheet rock. Go to a drywall installation contractor and hire him to install the sheetrock (he brings some extra) and will use yours, to float and tape the joints, and a guy to shoot the texture on the ceiling and walls. You tell him to use a lot of texture, you want the walls pretty rough and you want the ceiling "knocked down" with a lot "look" to it. The thing is you want all of it done all the way, the same way. He will send a crew and they will have it done in about 3 days. But there are 3 parts to the walls. You don't want this to be 3 separate jobs. It will cost more.

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