Question regarding 8th versus 10th generation Intel on Lenovo S540... $200 difference?

I'm about to purchase a new Lenovo laptop after my last Lenovo laptop died after roughly six years. I'm thinking about the Lenovo S540 with the 512GB hard drive but my question is, is there really a difference between the 8th generation Intel and the 10th generation Intel. They both have i7 which my Dad said is the most important versus the 8 or 10th Intel part. He's a computer guy and said unless you're a gamer you probably wouldn't notice the difference between the 8th and 10th Generation Intel.  I'm not a gamer but I do use my laptop frequently to watch videos, type up documents here and there, websurfing,  etc etc... So I want to get other people's opinions. The reason he pointed this out is because there is roughly a $200 price difference between the 8th and 10th gen. Intel models.  Why so much difference??  So any opinions on 8th generation versus 10th generation Intel??


I should say I type out document but also for my job, I do transcribing of audio files online, websurfing, uploading pics, music, etc... Been trying to educate myself more online by reading about the 8th & the 10th Generation to compare. It turns out the 10th generation is not necessarily geared towards gamers.  The 8th generation came out in 2017 & the 10th generation just came out in 2019 & I was told that most likely they haven't gotten all the bugs out of the 10th gen. because it's so new

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yeah, your dad is right, you won't notice any difference based on what you plan on doing with it. In fact, a slightly older generation laptop might be more reliable than the latest one.

    • batcat224 weeks agoReport

      I added more to my question

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