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Why did a tank in the Korean War was named after Oliver Cromwell?

Naming a Korean War tank after Cromwell is like naming a drone to take out ISIS, Osama bin Laden. Cromwell was Kim Jong il before Kim Jong il. He banned Christianity, killed millions of people, militarized the country (in the DPRK this is called Songun), stole private property, has a personality cult, etc.


The tank was used by NATO to fight Kim il Sung's red horde.

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    During the 1930s the British came up with the concept of the cruiser tank. designed as modernized armored and mechanized cavalry All the .type names began with a C. The British cruiser tank series started in 1938 with the A9 and A10 cruiser tanks, followed by the A13, A13 Mark II, the A13 Mark III Covenanter in 1940 and the A15 Crusader which entered service in 1941. The Crusader was superseded by the A27 Cromwell in 1944. The A34 Comet, a better-armed development of Cromwell, began to enter service in late 1944. The Centurion tank of 1946 became the "Universal tank" of the United Kingdom, transcending the cruiser and infantry tank roles and becoming one of the first main battle tanks (MBT).


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    There has been more than one significant Cromwell in British history.

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