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Pregnant on the nexplanon? ?

I know it is very unlikely to get pregnant on the nexplanon. But I'm still a little concerned. In two months it expires for me. Last week I had spotting nothing Major just enuff for a panty liner for a couple days, I been feeling a tad nauseous and smells have been alot more stronger to me, my breast seem to be more tender and Fuller then normal.

 Me and my sister have our periods within the same week and she is on hers and I am not on mine this week. I took two pregnancy test and both negative. So I'm not sure if I took them to early or not. Also my lower abdomen feels a little tighter. I'm just looking for some people's opinions. And would love to hear people that are/was in the same boat as me. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not likely but as you said yourself "it is very unlikely to get pregnant" does not mean it's impossible.

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  • 1 month ago

    What part of negative is confusing you?

    • kat1 month agoReport

      Ok there jackass, if a woman takes a pregnancy test "too" early it will show a negative. They got to wait so long after a missed period to get a positive. And some women get a positive quicker then others. You didn't have to get smart about it. 

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