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Did the English King James I not care about possibility of sectarian tension could break out with the Ulster Planation?


Irish native Roman Catholics and British mainly Scottish Protestant/Presbyterians seems like 1609 plantain ws not such a good idea for absolute monarch.

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  • larry1
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    Yes he cared and knew the risk (there's no info he was a dumb king). But we need to remember, that back then James I and Elizabeth I saw Ireland as only a staging ground base to be used by their Spanish and French enemies for an invasion of England.

    The Irish of the day disunited among themselves, were constantly making deals with Spain/ France in return for treasure/ payment to allow Spain/France to attack England through Ireland. Through England's back door as it were, while also invading across the Channel. England wouldn't stand a chance.  

    Both James and Elizabeth...had all common sense secure England's open west flank. The fact that the Irish people got screwed/ cheated cuz of it didn't hinder them.

    Looking back...if the Irish clans/ tribes of the day would have just united in a stable government and made alliance with England/ Scotland or married into the royals of England/ Scotland...history for Ireland would have been way different. But, back way was either England or Scotland going to allow Ireland to help a Spanish or French takeover of the British Isles regardless of the grief to the Irish people.  

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