Is Google always listening?

I just downloaded Witcher 3 and there’s an option for “Simulate Witcher 2 save” and I was confused so I decided to Google it. I type in “simulate” and the first option is “simulate witcher 2 save.” I downloaded Witcher 3 a week ago and haven’t Googled anything about it. I said “simulate Witcher 2 save???” seconds before I Googled it. I am on an iPhone 7 and my phone was turned off when I said this.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Google is only listening IF (& ONLY IF) you have Google products in your house, like the Google Home.  Even then, it'll only start active listening if somebody (not necessarily yourself) speaks the trigger phrase ("Hey Google!").  The only other way is if you utilize the Google Assistant, which isn't available on iPhones (as you have Siri).

    With that said, Google does monitor all inputs on their sites (including YouTube) & has massive amounts of GLOBAL user data, so it was very confident that you were going to search for "Simulate Witcher 2 Save" from just entering the word "Simulate" as many others before you did entered the search term(s).  Therefore, there's nothing "spooky" or "scary" going on here...  you're just weaving a narrative where there is none as Google is just doing their job as they always have.

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