Isn't the media's sucking up to Arteta just laughable?

It's like any connection to Guardiola and you're amazing. He has been sh*t. What was the point in sacking Emery if they gave Ljungberg too many games and then hired a sh*tty inexperienced manager who is supposedly now a club legend. Same old Arsenal. How low will they finish this season? Even a sh*tty Man United team (who Arteta's Arsenal beat) will finish above them

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    i'm agreeing with aces on this's way too early to be judging anything this side do, i would of said that had Arsenal been absolutely flying as's just nowwhere near enough time to have a fair ajudication

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  • 1 month ago

    you cannot simply start judging a fresh young manager in his first few games in his first stint at a big club like Arsenal.

    His Arsenal connection and his invaluable experience and understanding of Premier League football coupled with a fresh young mind and approach to the game are the standout plus points, these are the good points and advantages of hiring a manager like Arteta.

    However if Arsenal want immediate success I do not believe he is the one to provide it, however if backed by the board and fans 100% and if he can figure out a style that works for the team, one can only allow time to tell if hes up to the mark.

    He hasn't even had a full season in charge btw.

    Also drawing at home or away to the blades is not a bad result, they're a fecking solid team and Chris Wilder is no chump he knows exactly how to get the best out of this well organised hard working collective.

    Judge Arteta after a few seasons, hes only just come in ffs.

    Also, 13 points clear from Citeh and two games in hand.

    Win those two in hand and we'll be 19 points clear at the top - hahaha @ the rest of you behind us : ))


    haha I get to add that to my answer ! ^_^


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    • the media and pundits are not as football savvy as they are portrayed.....there's one that always wants yellow aand fouls wheneve contact is made seemingly,  another who things the secret of good football is constant crosses into the box...etc etc..

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