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I'm a girl in highschool and I can't find a boyfriend. What am I doing wrong?

I've had 1 relationship in freshman year, but it didn't work out. I had another sophomore year, but that one didn't work out either. I'm a junior and I've been single for a while now. Whenever I do get asked out, it seems to always be by guys who are violent, abuse various substances, or are in it for sex. 

I've tried to make the first move on some really sweet, nice, kinda nerdy and funny guys. But I've been rejected the past 3 times that I've tried. The first time was because of my race (I'm biracial, half white half Asian.) The second time was because I'm "too nice" and he "doesn't want to end up hurting me somehow"... Which I don't know about you, but that sounds like a really nice way of friendzoning someone. Then the third time I got rejected was because I dated one of his best friends freshman year.... But that was 3 years ago... So I have no clue why that would cause any type of harm to their friendship... Especially since my ex moved to another state. 

I'm just really sad. I can't seem to find a nice guy and all I get are these abusive, violent drug addicts. 

Guys say they like it when a girl is flirty and makes the first move. And that's what I've been doing (cautiously of course, so that I don't come across the wrong way.) But it seems to not be working. I always make sure that a guy seems a little bit interested in me before I make a move. I can read people really well. I know when someone seems uninterested and I know when someone does.


I skipped the winter dance this year because I didn't want to go alone. I would have friends, yes, but I wanted to have a date this year. I've just been so lonely lately and I hope this doesn't carry out into my college years and then my adult years. I would hate to be 30 and unmarried because I couldn't find someone or because I chose the wrong one.

Update 2:

Maybe it's my looks? Maybe I'm ugly and I just never realized it. :/ 

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    I didn’t read any of what you typed, but I’m here to tell you that you’re being dramatic, and you’ll survive. You’re nowhere near old. I loved being single in high school. Less drama that way, more time to discover yourself/your type. I’m 22, a senior in college. I JUST got my first boyfriend in November.

    • well  said … best  to  concentrate  on  academics  and  career.

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    High school doesn’t matter, wait till you get in the real world. 

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